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How do you roll (and rock) while WAH?

Good morning, Sports Fans,

Ash and I are sitting in 'Command Central', and we've been working for a bit already today. 'Command Central' is the room we usually refer to as the parlor. The parlor is the mommy/daddy 'other' work room, and includes my music library and a piano for teaching, and a PC and double-monitor set-up for Ash's photo editing and submissions. Previously more of a haven (though there are no doors), now it is the room where we 'work' at two banquet tables while pretending that our 3YO and 15MOSO can occupy themselves happily for hours at a time.

Earlier, I thought it would be a good idea to find something new to entertain Manimal, since he keeps wandering into Command Central, pulling on pants and computer mice, and just generally being needy. So, I figured, what better than a make-shift drum set to entertain the boy? I grabbed a few pots, arranged them quite neatly, I thought, based on my memories of undergrad percussion class, and gave him a wooden spoon. I rocked a basic demonstration of what he was supposed to do, and then walked away. The Mouth was in the playroom, making Mommy a pretend coffee w/ Miralax, since I am apparently currently in need of something to 'make my poopies feel better'.

No more than 5 minutes later, this was happening while Ashton was having his daily online check-in call with his team:

All I can say is, thank God for the 'Mute' button on Zoom.

Happy Monday from Pilkertopia,


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whereas I DO miss seeing the grands anytime, anywhere--you can have this budding orchestral phenomenon and I will admire your daring from afar--with much love and admiration

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