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Ceciltucky promotes new sport

So, I'll start by saying that I'm a proud mom, and both of my babies are smart, good-looking, and charming as all get out when they're working you. (Friends, we are also promoting the qualities of kindness and generosity, but, one day at a time.) Since we're talking about Manimal today, I'll tell you- he is one good-looking fella. He's one week shy of 16 mos old, and he's learning something new each day. Mostly what he's learning is where all of the dangerous stuff in the house is. Like Evel Knievel, he loves feats of risk and showmanship (and I'm sure one day he'll be entertaining millions, but right now, he's definitely entertaining at least 3.) In addition to hiding in the ball pit, ransacking the contents of my dishwasher and running around the house with knives he finds there, he also likes to find scissors, sharpened pencils, and stove burner knobs. It's a veritable house of horrors at our place most of the time, with Ashton and I spending our days like

Today was special, though. Today Manimal created what will be, I'm sure, a craze that far surpasses parkour. He created 'Xtreme Tabling'. Hubby and I were working, and realized that with The Mouth napping, things in the house were just a bit too quiet. We walked into the kitchen to find that our youngest child had pushed a chair over to the table, used the rungs of the chair to get onto the chair seat, stepped on to his sister's booster, and was sitting in the center of the table dumping condiments and alphabet cards all over the table and floor.

Fully expect to see this on the news after your next COVID-19 update:

Xtreme Tabling. Try it, you'll LOVE it.

Stretch first,

The Pilkertons

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