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I am a photography GEEK. I read, watch and listen to anything I can about equipment, lighting, composition, history, and technique.  When I am not freelance shooting or working as an independent contractor, I apply everything I learn to taking photos of friends, family, and anything else that catches my eye. I drive my wife crazy with my need to have my camera within a 10-foot radius, but she tolerates my obsession because she also loves "wildlife" photography. (And what I mean by that is, she is always asking me to photograph our wild animals- Eleanor, Jacob and Oliver- in their natural home habitat.)  I am passionate about my beautiful family, and I enjoy wedding, lifestyle and family photography because it gives me the privilege of capturing moments and emotions that I connect with and am grateful for every day.


Traveling within the DC, MD, DE, NJ and southern PA regions, I am looking forward to creating memorable pictures for you. 

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