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'Pilkertopia' (Or, Tales from a Cecil-tucky Paradise during COVID-19)

Hi Pilkerton Photography Fans!

I know you may just be Ashton Pilkerton fans, and may not even know he has a website, but that's OK. I, myself, am a HUGE Ashton Pilkerton fan. Having confessed this, of course, now you know- this is the wife writing. I had a friend suggest that I start a blog during this magical time of entrapment in our home bubble while we try to work, raise children, stay healthy, and NOT empty the liquor cabinet. (The last thing would be due to the previous 3 things in that series). She says I can spin a yarn... we'll see what you think.

Ash has his photo on the website. This is me:

Clearly my early morning extra coffee is not cutting it.

These are the kiddos. Eleanor "The Mouth" Pilkerton:

and, Jacob Pilkerton (a.k.a. "Man-imal"):

We are living the dream in Cecil County, MD. We bought our house here almost 3 years ago to raise the monsters and give ourselves a bit more space. However, now, after having set up a command central in our 'office' space at home to work during the pandemic, we are essentially both crammed into that one space with children needing attention every second of every day between 6:30am and 7:30pm, except when napping. Already today, Manimal has pulled pencils, papers, computer mice and headsets off of our fold-up banquet tables onto the floor. He went into the pantry, pulled out the box of aluminum foil, and is running around the house with it trailing behind him. The Mouth is currently watching Little Baby Bum on Netflix, and is borderline comatose. (We're going to institute our 'education schedule' VERY soon.)

Those aforementioned situations, respectively, a/o 10:32 am:

Now that I've figured out how to get all of this up on Wix, and we've had breakfast, it's time to head back to the grind. Leave a comment and let me know if you think I should do more of these, or if you're all bored to tears. :)


The Pilkertons

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Great :) I can't believe it has been three years since you moved there. Keep up the blog. You always know how to make us smile/laugh

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